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Hello LJ I'm still alive!! 
13th-Jun-2012 08:55 am

Hello again world. I've been lost to you for some time now. I'm so sorry people, but when I wrote last time that I was unemployed... well now I've got two jobs. Kinda.


I'm back to my old company but in a new compartment now. For the 3rd time this year already xD


At first I've been in the materials store for a few months since January, then I was transferred to finished articles compartment last week and this week I'm in the goddamn place where the bus and train drivers get their clothes =___= I hate to work with people I don't know, Marie, I really mean it.


Especially when I have never done that stuff before in my life. Thanks for an awefull start of the week. Because Mondays - my first day ever here - are the worst days of the week.
I had not had any break from ten when I started until half past 2 or something. Worse than bad. .____.
And please never again. The last onf and a half hours no one came anymore and I thought yeah... you could have gone home earlier. It's not as if you have nothing to do. But if it goes on today like it has until now, I suppose it's ok. There were like 2 people since 7am or somthing.


But I have a whole suit to sew until thursday evening xD'''
Luckily the cutters at work really know AND love me and do all that twisted stuff I produce with me evrn if it means more work for them. I'm grateful until the end of the world for this and I suppose none of them will ever read this (they can't speak English by the way^^''') but I will bake a cake for them or something. And Ina just told me that I'm a bit weird but smart and that I can think logically xD
Nice to hear that from someone else then myself from time to time xP


But ok, writing herw is fun but doing it by my new cellphone is a bit exhausting^^''''


so more from me later. Now that I can use LJ everywhere. The new Androidclient really IS a LOT better than the old one. I highly recommend it!

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