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Almost Christmas... 
3rd-Dec-2011 05:34 pm
again... half a year since I last wrote something! My, time flies...

well, a lot of things happened. And GISHWHES reminded me that I still have this blog xD
since we used LJ as a communication platform throughout the competition. And now that I'm not working anymore I have a lot of time to write new stuff and things about her xD
Though I've gotta say I'm getting along pretty well with her at the moment, but that may be due to the case that we're going to move out in about two weeks. Now the only thing in the way is the Jobcenter, because the guy from the flat already agreed and we're going to sign the treaty on Tuesday. I need a job until there to the bureaucrats of my ass or I will just sign it anyway and get away without money. I don't care. Everything will be fine. Only Luna is howling again because she wants to be *censored*.
Why does she has to be so loud...?

I'm so very tired at the moment. And there's not much I can do right now except continue playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and waiting for her to come home, so that we can talk about work and stuff...

GISHWHESwas so much fun actually. And exhausting to the extreme in the end, because I went home to Mum for the weekend and because of traffic jams and the winter dome in Hamburg and stuff I only slept like ten hours the whole weekend...
But now we're waiting for the winners to be announced and since a lot of teams appearently got docked a lot of points because of taking shortcuts for scavenging some items (too much interpretation), I think we're pretty good in because we managed to scavenge over 80 items and most of them are exactly to very close to the item description xD
Let's hope for the best. I really think I will either get a heart attack or a screaming fit, if my team actually wins xDDD

And I need to write more fanfiction or better finish those that are started and get them posted somewhere... I would love to write some Assassin's Creed fictions after all this Supernatural-stuff...
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