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O happy day... 
6th-Jul-2011 10:49 pm
My parent's birthday was just awesome! There hasn't been a time lately where I had so much fun and so few sleep xDDDD

I went home on Friday afternoon already, since at the moment there aren't any good trains rolling because of some building scenes around Stendal. I actually needed a whole hour more to get home and that was the very fastest connection I could get =____=
But otherwise it was very much fun!! My cousin was there and some family members I seldom see and neighbours and friends of my mum I never met before haha. And all children and the nephew and the mother AND the EX-WIFE of my step-dad. Now that was something o.o

In the end no one was sleeping in the bed they originally were assigned to xD
My cousin just wanted to get warm und snuggled into my bed and somehow she fell asleep there. At first I wanted to sleep in the other bed below (it's a two-stock-bed) but then I remembered here boyfriend was there as well and we couldn't put him onto the couch in the living room together with my step-sister.... So we ended up sleeping both in the little one-person-bed. Again haha. Not that it's the first time u___u
Her boyfriend though did sleep on the couch - along with my step-brother^^"
He was supposed to sleep in the room of my brother. Who didn't sleep at all, so he settled himself elsewhere. My step-sister was sleeping in the bed below instead^^"
We partied through from 11 am on Saturday until 4 in the morning on Sunday. And with breakfast party was starting again at...30 past 8 am? xDDDD

At 11 o'clock my best friend came to get me since we were going back to Berlin by car. We had not been out of the village actually, when we narrowly avoided a really severe crash!
+was shocked awake for the next two hours by that
Never speak to Fanni when she's driving! At least don't tell her something she could think about, because that's gonna end in a catastrophe =___='
We made it back, nevertheless, unharmed. Screw traffic jams. Took us almost 6 hours because like always when Fanni doesn't listen to me (she has absolutely no orientation) we got lost a bit. Even though we had a Navi! haha, typically us u__u

In the evening I went to cinema with Rebellion. We watched Transformers 3 in this new Event Cinema at Potsdamer Platz. AMAZING!! Was worth the money xD and the sleeping shortage. Had to work on Monday. At the moment I'm down in the storage, where it's supercool which is super cool with this weather, haha. I was well climated, almost sweating but my hands were ice blocks +rofl

Life here is not that good at the moment, since the money is running out because of her =___=
I confiscated the cashcard of the WG-bank-account no, so I hope she stops spending money she hasn't got for things she doesn't need now and pays back her debts (which are huge OMG, I though my debts at Susu were much but it's only a lousy 100th and some Euros in opposite to hers O.O).
At least since the account runs on her name, it's her who will have all the problems with it if it can't be balanced anymore, mwe.

It's too late already again. I will write another application tomorrow and there are so many other things to do I'm gonna die from sleeping shortage or stress some day =o=
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7th-Jul-2011 06:50 pm (UTC)
awww, that's so sad. The movie is really great, all the more in cinema...

She only made you feel like that, it's way worse than you could ever imagine. Like Min already said: 'Now I know where all those knew things she has come from, when I thought she hadn't had any money...'
Yeah, and not even that anymore. There are some things like soap and catfood and litter we're paying for.
+has his own food
But what she did is really nasty. My mom quiet couldn't believe it, when I told her...

By the way, what are you doing in the second week in August? I may have a bit more than a weekend there to share...^^
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