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A frog on my hand... 
20th-Jun-2011 11:50 pm
items sold separately
... which looks like a bone cat... yeah.

I swear, never give Owl a pencil, when you're lying lazily around. By the end of this evening he had drawn his owl-smiley onto one of my roommates back, another one had it on her upper arm and he draw it onto MYGODDAMNFOREHEAD!!
Like what?! It was fun, though xD
Talked about a lot of bothering things. People can be so dump, haha. And this time it's not even about her, listen up, people. A mirage has happened.

Well, anyway, my Chiisai-Con was stressful, but I could see my Mum, Grandma and my favourite cousin, who's living in Hamburg. I didn't see dragonibuki, because she was wearing a wig and I didn't f***ing recognize her ~__~
So this means, her cosplay was very good. I'm sad I couldn't see KKH, but I will take a look at the videos, and we even got praised by them how much better we have gotten, so this makes me happy. Instead I could go and eat icecream with my family. That was fun, too^^

Then we suddenly got another Stage event at Nippon-Con in Bremen. That one was yesterday and I'm so goddamn glad I was allowed to come to hours later to work =__=
I still am goddamn tired and it is very well too late today again. I'm gonna day but oh.
Somehow Nippon-Con was fun and almost no one noticed the many many mistakes we made, hah^^"
And the room was full! Well, it was small, but anyway. the Con itself was very small and a bit of a mess, but friendly and somehow everything worked out. On the way back in the last train we had a whole waggon with toilet for ourselves! That was so much fun. We took pictures there and selebrated Ses' birthday and afterwards there were cakecrumbs everywhere! xD

Though the bigger problem is the Anipara this coming weekend ~___~
we still need to do sketches?! Like what? all new and improved? I'm getting crazy. Have to complete my Tai-Season1-Cosplay for that^^"
The gloves are still missing and I still need to sew on the collar
Well, we'll see.

I even managed to book my flight to Birmingham in Oktober. It's fucking expensive, but it's worth it *___*
I'm gonna see Misha Collins! I registered at CouchSurfing for that. Still need to fill out the forms and all but I hope at least the sleepover will cost me nothing^^
England I'm coming!

And the best for the rest xD
I can stay in my company at least until the end of August. I know, I said I didn't want to stay there, but at least I can save a bit money before looking for something new. The Bahn still didn't manage to contact me <.<
I will login to the page again in the next day and see if they wrote something in there, but I don't expect that somehow...
Well, I will write some applications the week after Anipara. And I still need to get some presents for my mum, because that weekend my mum and stepdad are celebrating there 100th birthday together xD
And I still need to look if we have a new date for this stupid Heide-Park-Event now
+going to bed
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