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no time, no time... 
26th-May-2011 06:57 am
pretty jail sign
Yesterday something funny happened to me xD

when I went to the place where I am going to do my final exam to take a look at the (really, really horrible) sewing machines over there, someone of the people who didn't know me (because there were some more people than those who are in my class in school) asked, if I was the trainer's son.
yeah, right, I had to laugh sooooo hard xDDDDD
Appearently, playing Dean Winchester makes people think such things +lolz

I don't know what to say about the flat at the moment. Tony managed to crash down one of the kitchen shelfs and when I came home Sunday morning from my Mum the kitchen looked like exploded... I mean, really exploded not just untidy like she otherways always does... <.<
Got an tidying-flash and cleaned the whole mess and was really pissed afterwards and the others but just stand there and said: you had not had to do it... thanks anyway but your own fault that you did it.
kind of like that it came over and I just thought, yeah right. Who else would have done it, hey?

The last kitten is still there. Someone's interested? There are fotos on kijiji I think. Go take a look and phone us xD

Costumes are almost ready. I hope I will then be able to catch up with this place and finally maybe Twitter. I like Twitter xD

Saturday I am going to Heide Park. That's gonna be fun! Some wants to come with?^^

I forgot: I watched the very last episodes of Supernatural last week and it was just like O.M.G. - Castiel has gone insane.... WE WANT THE NEXT SEASON!!!
And I did some recherche (uhm what? xD) and found out: most likely there IS going to be ANOTHER SEASON!!! We are just waiting for it! ...until September duh u.u
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