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Kill the Kitchen! 
23rd-Dec-2010 07:40 pm
Opposite Direction
Gawd, I hate this... thing! It's not even a room anymore and it's disgusting ><
And I don't like Christmas right now. Just to tired for anything. I should not have said that I wanted to visit Viki on Holy Eve... I don't want to anymore. Hope I don't have to stay to long, because really, I'm just tired. And on Dez. 25th I still have to deal with Elayne, which is gonna be devastating enough x___X
Well, this year's end is crap somehow and there are so many things I still want to and still need to do, but I don't have energy for that right now. And later there won't be time anymore
And New-Years-Party is coming up u.u

Merry Christmas to you all who like to celebrate Christ's birthday...
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