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18th-Aug-2013 08:48 pm - GISHWHES III...
... is almost over. And we still are doing abnosome things trying to trend this word xD
I'm tired as hell, training was abnosome wet and one week of mayhem abnosomely fast over. Hope, my holidays are coming that abnosomely fast as well....

See ya 'round, bitches! Pie awaits the hard working. Time for abnosomeception xD
And sleep u___u <(zzz)
16th-Dec-2012 12:29 pm - Real Life is eating me...
...because it's hard and time consuming and because of work I'm never home and it's Christmas almost again xD

And our advent-calendars are some of those that are toxic u.u
So I can only eat the chocolate of my Spiderman-calendar from my mom, but not that of the one my flatmate bought us T__T

Well, yeah, I'm working on the website of Para Para Connection right now and watching Criminal Minds again, since my best fried MANAGED TO WATCH MORE EPISODES THAN ME?!?!?! Where on earth does that happen???!!!?!?!

Well, screw it. And I still haven't got any christmas gifts. None for this year. Yeah. RingConTickets ate up all the money xD
13th-Jun-2012 08:55 am - Hello LJ I'm still alive!!

Hello again world. I've been lost to you for some time now. I'm so sorry people, but when I wrote last time that I was unemployed... well now I've got two jobs. Kinda.


I'm back to my old company but in a new compartment now. For the 3rd time this year already xD


At first I've been in the materials store for a few months since January, then I was transferred to finished articles compartment last week and this week I'm in the goddamn place where the bus and train drivers get their clothes =___= I hate to work with people I don't know, Marie, I really mean it.


Especially when I have never done that stuff before in my life. Thanks for an awefull start of the week. Because Mondays - my first day ever here - are the worst days of the week.
I had not had any break from ten when I started until half past 2 or something. Worse than bad. .____.
And please never again. The last onf and a half hours no one came anymore and I thought yeah... you could have gone home earlier. It's not as if you have nothing to do. But if it goes on today like it has until now, I suppose it's ok. There were like 2 people since 7am or somthing.


But I have a whole suit to sew until thursday evening xD'''
Luckily the cutters at work really know AND love me and do all that twisted stuff I produce with me evrn if it means more work for them. I'm grateful until the end of the world for this and I suppose none of them will ever read this (they can't speak English by the way^^''') but I will bake a cake for them or something. And Ina just told me that I'm a bit weird but smart and that I can think logically xD
Nice to hear that from someone else then myself from time to time xP


But ok, writing herw is fun but doing it by my new cellphone is a bit exhausting^^''''


so more from me later. Now that I can use LJ everywhere. The new Androidclient really IS a LOT better than the old one. I highly recommend it!

3rd-Dec-2011 05:34 pm - Almost Christmas...
again... half a year since I last wrote something! My, time flies...

well, a lot of things happened. And GISHWHES reminded me that I still have this blog xD
since we used LJ as a communication platform throughout the competition. And now that I'm not working anymore I have a lot of time to write new stuff and things about her xD
Though I've gotta say I'm getting along pretty well with her at the moment, but that may be due to the case that we're going to move out in about two weeks. Now the only thing in the way is the Jobcenter, because the guy from the flat already agreed and we're going to sign the treaty on Tuesday. I need a job until there to the bureaucrats of my ass or I will just sign it anyway and get away without money. I don't care. Everything will be fine. Only Luna is howling again because she wants to be *censored*.
Why does she has to be so loud...?

I'm so very tired at the moment. And there's not much I can do right now except continue playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and waiting for her to come home, so that we can talk about work and stuff...

GISHWHESwas so much fun actually. And exhausting to the extreme in the end, because I went home to Mum for the weekend and because of traffic jams and the winter dome in Hamburg and stuff I only slept like ten hours the whole weekend...
But now we're waiting for the winners to be announced and since a lot of teams appearently got docked a lot of points because of taking shortcuts for scavenging some items (too much interpretation), I think we're pretty good in because we managed to scavenge over 80 items and most of them are exactly to very close to the item description xD
Let's hope for the best. I really think I will either get a heart attack or a screaming fit, if my team actually wins xDDD

And I need to write more fanfiction or better finish those that are started and get them posted somewhere... I would love to write some Assassin's Creed fictions after all this Supernatural-stuff...
6th-Jul-2011 10:49 pm - O happy day...
My parent's birthday was just awesome! There hasn't been a time lately where I had so much fun and so few sleep xDDDD

I went home on Friday afternoon already, since at the moment there aren't any good trains rolling because of some building scenes around Stendal. I actually needed a whole hour more to get home and that was the very fastest connection I could get =____=
But otherwise it was very much fun!! My cousin was there and some family members I seldom see and neighbours and friends of my mum I never met before haha. And all children and the nephew and the mother AND the EX-WIFE of my step-dad. Now that was something o.o

In the end no one was sleeping in the bed they originally were assigned to xD
My cousin just wanted to get warm und snuggled into my bed and somehow she fell asleep there. At first I wanted to sleep in the other bed below (it's a two-stock-bed) but then I remembered here boyfriend was there as well and we couldn't put him onto the couch in the living room together with my step-sister.... So we ended up sleeping both in the little one-person-bed. Again haha. Not that it's the first time u___u
Her boyfriend though did sleep on the couch - along with my step-brother^^"
He was supposed to sleep in the room of my brother. Who didn't sleep at all, so he settled himself elsewhere. My step-sister was sleeping in the bed below instead^^"
We partied through from 11 am on Saturday until 4 in the morning on Sunday. And with breakfast party was starting again at...30 past 8 am? xDDDD

At 11 o'clock my best friend came to get me since we were going back to Berlin by car. We had not been out of the village actually, when we narrowly avoided a really severe crash!
+was shocked awake for the next two hours by that
Never speak to Fanni when she's driving! At least don't tell her something she could think about, because that's gonna end in a catastrophe =___='
We made it back, nevertheless, unharmed. Screw traffic jams. Took us almost 6 hours because like always when Fanni doesn't listen to me (she has absolutely no orientation) we got lost a bit. Even though we had a Navi! haha, typically us u__u

In the evening I went to cinema with Rebellion. We watched Transformers 3 in this new Event Cinema at Potsdamer Platz. AMAZING!! Was worth the money xD and the sleeping shortage. Had to work on Monday. At the moment I'm down in the storage, where it's supercool which is super cool with this weather, haha. I was well climated, almost sweating but my hands were ice blocks +rofl

Life here is not that good at the moment, since the money is running out because of her =___=
I confiscated the cashcard of the WG-bank-account no, so I hope she stops spending money she hasn't got for things she doesn't need now and pays back her debts (which are huge OMG, I though my debts at Susu were much but it's only a lousy 100th and some Euros in opposite to hers O.O).
At least since the account runs on her name, it's her who will have all the problems with it if it can't be balanced anymore, mwe.

It's too late already again. I will write another application tomorrow and there are so many other things to do I'm gonna die from sleeping shortage or stress some day =o=
20th-Jun-2011 11:50 pm - A frog on my hand...
items sold separately
... which looks like a bone cat... yeah.

I swear, never give Owl a pencil, when you're lying lazily around. By the end of this evening he had drawn his owl-smiley onto one of my roommates back, another one had it on her upper arm and he draw it onto MYGODDAMNFOREHEAD!!
Like what?! It was fun, though xD
Talked about a lot of bothering things. People can be so dump, haha. And this time it's not even about her, listen up, people. A mirage has happened.

Well, anyway, my Chiisai-Con was stressful, but I could see my Mum, Grandma and my favourite cousin, who's living in Hamburg. I didn't see dragonibuki, because she was wearing a wig and I didn't f***ing recognize her ~__~
So this means, her cosplay was very good. I'm sad I couldn't see KKH, but I will take a look at the videos, and we even got praised by them how much better we have gotten, so this makes me happy. Instead I could go and eat icecream with my family. That was fun, too^^

Then we suddenly got another Stage event at Nippon-Con in Bremen. That one was yesterday and I'm so goddamn glad I was allowed to come to hours later to work =__=
I still am goddamn tired and it is very well too late today again. I'm gonna day but oh.
Somehow Nippon-Con was fun and almost no one noticed the many many mistakes we made, hah^^"
And the room was full! Well, it was small, but anyway. the Con itself was very small and a bit of a mess, but friendly and somehow everything worked out. On the way back in the last train we had a whole waggon with toilet for ourselves! That was so much fun. We took pictures there and selebrated Ses' birthday and afterwards there were cakecrumbs everywhere! xD

Though the bigger problem is the Anipara this coming weekend ~___~
we still need to do sketches?! Like what? all new and improved? I'm getting crazy. Have to complete my Tai-Season1-Cosplay for that^^"
The gloves are still missing and I still need to sew on the collar
Well, we'll see.

I even managed to book my flight to Birmingham in Oktober. It's fucking expensive, but it's worth it *___*
I'm gonna see Misha Collins! I registered at CouchSurfing for that. Still need to fill out the forms and all but I hope at least the sleepover will cost me nothing^^
England I'm coming!

And the best for the rest xD
I can stay in my company at least until the end of August. I know, I said I didn't want to stay there, but at least I can save a bit money before looking for something new. The Bahn still didn't manage to contact me <.<
I will login to the page again in the next day and see if they wrote something in there, but I don't expect that somehow...
Well, I will write some applications the week after Anipara. And I still need to get some presents for my mum, because that weekend my mum and stepdad are celebrating there 100th birthday together xD
And I still need to look if we have a new date for this stupid Heide-Park-Event now
+going to bed
27th-May-2011 06:56 am - Screw you!
Gaah, have to do overtime today >:O
Just because someone else screwed up and we have to clean up the mess, because we are the last station in the row.

And I can't go to Heide Park either, because our Organisator (and driver) got sick (yesterday °__°), so we can't go, because we don't want to go without her
Well, we're gonna do that sometime in middle June then, so if someone wants to aaccompany us...
26th-May-2011 06:57 am - no time, no time...
pretty jail sign
Yesterday something funny happened to me xD

when I went to the place where I am going to do my final exam to take a look at the (really, really horrible) sewing machines over there, someone of the people who didn't know me (because there were some more people than those who are in my class in school) asked, if I was the trainer's son.
yeah, right, I had to laugh sooooo hard xDDDDD
Appearently, playing Dean Winchester makes people think such things +lolz

I don't know what to say about the flat at the moment. Tony managed to crash down one of the kitchen shelfs and when I came home Sunday morning from my Mum the kitchen looked like exploded... I mean, really exploded not just untidy like she otherways always does... <.<
Got an tidying-flash and cleaned the whole mess and was really pissed afterwards and the others but just stand there and said: you had not had to do it... thanks anyway but your own fault that you did it.
kind of like that it came over and I just thought, yeah right. Who else would have done it, hey?

The last kitten is still there. Someone's interested? There are fotos on kijiji I think. Go take a look and phone us xD

Costumes are almost ready. I hope I will then be able to catch up with this place and finally maybe Twitter. I like Twitter xD

Saturday I am going to Heide Park. That's gonna be fun! Some wants to come with?^^

I forgot: I watched the very last episodes of Supernatural last week and it was just like O.M.G. - Castiel has gone insane.... WE WANT THE NEXT SEASON!!!
And I did some recherche (uhm what? xD) and found out: most likely there IS going to be ANOTHER SEASON!!! We are just waiting for it! ...until September duh u.u
28th-Apr-2011 06:58 am - two gone, one left
Eye of the Tiger
All of a sudden she managed to find a buyer for two of the kittens - my sweet favourite Misha among them. Couldn't even say Goodbye or take a foto =___='''
+is pretty depressed at the moment

and ray, have still to sew a dress until tomorrow evening. Will ngo and get the fabric for it today. Luckily I already have an almost complete pattern. Just need to cut out and sew it together for the wedding on Saturday. So no time to game a little with Putcha T__T

Well, do that next week, just see what is about with Japanese. Easter was quiet fun. Mum and I were toying around with the Carera-cars xD
15th-Apr-2011 12:41 pm - Out!
I really am going to move out. It would be nice to live together with Min (who is about to move in with us, yeah! A whole day stupid stuff with Sammy!), but I will be going crazy if I continue to live together with her ~__~

She put around the things in her room yesterday evening, but when she was half ready and went to sleep with ALL the cats in her room, she didn't even thought of putting back in the toilet, the food or even the water?!?!
I thought what the hell?!
And she blocked the door (though by accident I think), so that I almost wasn't able to get the kittys out this morning. She's so stupid. If it was only her cats I woul say, who cares but mine too and she doesn't think about anything!
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